He was awarded a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering - King Saud University in Saudi Arabia in 1983 and completed his Master's and PhD Study - City Planning - University of Liverpool, Britain, 1987-1991.
Awarded the Engineering and Technology Award – Al Saeed Science and Culture Foundation – 2013
He also taught various materials in architecture and city planning
He oversaw numerous master's and doctoral letters in the field of architecture and city planning, with several works, including Shabam Kokaban, Yemeni Town Planning and Construction, and Sana'a GTZ 1995
And the book of entries in the Islamic architecture - the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, 1999
He writes about the problems of Yemeni cities and ways to overcome them – Al-Saeed Science and Culture Foundation 2013
The number of 18 scientific research in architecture and city planning has also been published.

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